Student Pilot Canada


Vera the student pilot
Are you thinking about learning to fly but not sure where to begin?  Already started, and feeling a little overwhelmed?  You are not alone!  Every year in Canada, thousands of enthusiastic people begin pursuing a pilot license.  The vast majority do not complete their training.  The reasons for this are varied: lack of time or funds, lousy teaching and minimal support from friends, family or even your flight school.  Robyn Stewart, a pilot and instructor in BC, says "you need money, time and desire to learn to fly. You can get away with being a little bit short in one department, but you have to have rather a lot of two."   (Check out this link to a recent study on student pilot drop-outs by AOPA!)

I can't help you with money, but maybe this site will save you time, and offer you some encouragement to help you achieve your aviation goals as a new student.

Flying can be so much fun -- don't give up; you CAN do it!!!

Love, Vera :)

P.S.  That's me in the photo, but the plane is a fake -- it's at the Toronto Zoo, and I am totally posing. As of Dec 2010, I only have about 12 hours in the air, and believe me, I am nowhere near to soloing!!